Saturday, November 14, 2015

Charlie and Dog Revisited " A Farewell to Whiff of Joy"

WOW! Its been a long time since I have visited and updated my blog. It feels good to be back and sad at the same time. I see a lot folks have stopped crafting or are gone. Time changes things in amazing ways. I've been gone due to a serious spinal injury and surgery. I'm back and in amazing shape thanks to one of the most talented and wonderful surgeons in Houston. Thank you Dr. Shih for giving me my life back. 

So now on to my card creation, this is an old Whiff of Joy stamp that had been collecting dust and was being neglected. This was the very first stamp I had ever purchased on line. I figured this was a great place to get started again and I was pleasantly surprised with what the end result was. I hope you enjoyed seeing him again as much as I did. On another note about this stamp I discovered that Whiff of Joy is going out of business. Their last day open online will be November 28, 2015. Please go visit them for there farewell. I wish her well and all good things to  come in the next year. 

Whiff of Joy I will miss you, You have brought me great joy. 

Enjoy and Happy Crafting!!!!

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