Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry about being MIA

Hello everyone,

I have been very busy with starting a new job and then we have also had a problem with one of our little dogs and this has taken up all of my extra time. She is a doxie and as such is prone to having back issues and last week she jumped off the couch and bulged a disc in her mid back. We were very blessed that it did not require emergency surgery at the time. The vet did inform us though it is not a matter of if she will need surgery for the protrusion, but when. The cost of this is in the range from $2,500.00 to $4,500.00, depending on the severity and location of the burst disc. I am just sick over the whole situation I have the money, but then I worry about her quality of life after surgery, due to the chance that she could be crippled even by the surgery or in chronic pain for the rest of her life. I just keep praying that this will resolve and we can have her healthy and happy again. Right now the little dear is asleep in her kennel and it will be her home for the next month.

We go back to the vet on the 24th of this month for a follow up and to discuss what to do next. So far everything is looking very good and she has not had anymore problems and does not seem to be in any pain, so we are at the wait and see stage. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I know to some this would seem silly to be so concerned about the dog, but she has been with me through some really tough times and is a part of the family, she is like one of the kids.

I hope to get some card crafting done this week and post some new goodies and try to relax. I am so sorry for not replying to those of you who have left comments, but I hope things will become more relaxed so I can. Hugs to you all!!!

Thank you and Happy Crafting!!!


Sarah said...

Hi Beth,
I love looking round your blog and just want to say I was sorry to hear about your dogs back. The poor little things can't explain what's wrong with them either can they? She's such a cutie as well. Fingers crossed everything will work out for you.
You're in my thoughts :-)
Sarah x

Tracey Feeger said...

Congrats on the new job Beth.
Sorry to here about your poor pooch. Hope she is better soon after her surgery.

Katherine said...

Oh, Beth! I'm so sorry to hear that; I know how sick with worry you must be :( I will keep her in my prayers!

Tracy said...

Aaaaw Beth, I will say a prayer for the little darling. I have two dogs of my own (take a look at them on my blog)and what a worry. It's as bad as worrying over kids. My dog Rebel has seizures and we worry every time he has one in case it leaves permenant damage. So it's not daft to worry over a dog, give her lots of love and keep us informed.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Kat said...

Sorry to hear about your lovely little doggie. Hope she can be helped. Definitely not silly to worry about her. I have a lab and a cocker spaniel. The spaniel is nearly 14 and nearly blind and quite deaf, but she is happy in her own way. I'll be thinking of you and your little dog. Kat x

Ann (Madge) said...

Beth, I am so sad to hear the news of your poor little dog's back - I do hope and pray that everything will turn out fine - I so understand how you feel, I had a similar problem recently with my two year old dog, but he is fine now. Ann xxx

Suzanne said...

Hi Beth, I understand fully having had to make a decision about my own two dogs. The only consolation is that we are able to make these decisions and not see them suffer needlessly. I now have another baby in my life she is with me in my profile pic. Sue :o)